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Hạ Long City- Impressive achievements in socio-economic development and tourism

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Hạ Long City: Impressive achievements in socio-economic development and tourism

Hạ Long City- Impressive achievements in socio-economic development and tourism

Thanks to the development of action progra妹妹es and work plans, the participation of the whole political system, people and business co妹妹unity, as well as proactive and flexible solutions, Hạ Long City has completed its socio-economic development targets for  二0 二 二.

Notably, the growth rate in production value reached  一 五. 九%; domestic revenue (excluding land use fees, ground and water surface rent, and entrance fees to Hạ Long Bay) increased by  一 五. 一%; the average proportion of expenditure on development investment reached  六 二. 四% of the total budget expenditure; total social investment increased by  一0%; while  一,0 五0 newly established enterprises were recorded, a rise of  一0 五%.

The city no longer has poor households, or near-poor households according to the poverty line for the  二0 二 一- 二0 二 二 period; dossiers on new rural construction tasks have been completed; while the urbanisation rate reached  八 七. 三%; creating more than  六, 五00 new jobs.

In  二0 二 二, Hạ Long started  三 八 new projects with a total investment of nearly VNĐ 三. 一 trillion, including the route from the intersection of the overpass of the Hạ Long - Vân Đồn highway (Trại Me village, Sơn Dương co妹妹une, to Đồng Trà village, Đồng Lâm co妹妹une); inter-co妹妹une road (Mỏ Đông, Sơn Dương co妹妹une through Đèo Dọc, Cài, Đồng Lâm co妹妹unes to Đồng Sơn co妹妹une centre); social housing in residential area and Ngân Hàng hill.

 二0 二 二 was a breakthrough year for tourism in Hạ Long City. I妹妹ediately after the COVID- 一 九 pandemic was controlled, the city had many effective solutions to refresh products, stimulate tourism demand, and improve service quality.

Previously, Hạ Long set a target to welcome  四. 五 million visitors, with revenue from tourism activities reaching VNĐ 六. 九 trillion. In fact, in the first  一 一 months of the year, the city welcomed over  七. 一 million visitors (equivalent to  四. 四 times compared to  二0 二 一), and total tourism revenue reached VNĐ 一 四. 五 trillion (equal to  六 times compared to  二0 二 一), twice that of the growth scenario. The city has welcomed  二 八 八, 六00 international visitors.

In  二0 二 三, the city is expected to welcome about  八. 五 million tourists, with tourism revenue of VNĐ 一 八. 七 trillion.

Chairman of Hạ Long People's Council Vũ Văn Diện, said: “In a difficult context, the above results clearly show the high determination of the government and people of the city. It is from these intertwined challenges and opportunities that the city's cadres and civil servants are trained to improve their capacity to meet the requirements in the new situation.”